Rogue Amoeba has released Radioshift Touch
available exclusively on the iPhone and iPod touch devices. With
Radioshift Touch, listeners can now tune in to thousands of Internet
radio stations from almost anywhere in the world.

At home or on the go, via Wifi, EDGE, or 3G, Radioshift Touch
provides access to the world of Internet radio. You find the Internet
stream for local AM/FM stations, check out what’s popular, browse by
genre, or just search for a favorite station.

Like Radioshift on the Mac, Radioshift Touch features a built-in
Radio Guide powered by RadioTime. RadioTime works to organize the
world of online radio into one guide. The SmartStream feature
provides the best audio quality possible, by automatically choosing
the best available stream for the existing network connection.

Radioshift Touch is available for purchase now for US$9.99, via the
iTunes and iPhone App Stores. Radioshift Touch is compatible with
iPhone OS 2.1 and higher, on all iPhone and iPod touch devices.