algoriddim’s music player and DJ software “djay”
has just been made even more attractive for all
iTunes users who want to turn their Mac into an
easy-to-use yet powerful DJ setup. djay 2.2 now
lets users control almost all functions of its
award-winning turntable-style user interface
through intuitive Multi-Touch finger gestures on
notebook trackpads, thereby significantly
improving the user experience and superseding
expensive DJ equipment with a simple all-in-one
notebook setup.

“djay takes the Multi-Touch capabilities built
into recent Mac notebooks to the next level,”
says Karim Morsy, CEO of algoriddim. “By fully
leveraging the potential of Apple’s cutting-edge
trackpad technology, djay allows users to control
almost all aspects of its user interface faster
and more precisely than using the keyboard —
similar to real physical devices, but much more

djay supports a variety of trackpad gestures.
Similar to using the iPod’s click-wheel, users
can use rotate gestures on the trackpad to
quickly browse djay’s built-in iTunes library and
throw a selected song on one of the turntables
with an intuitive swipe gesture. Two-finger
gestures allow scratching MP3s on the virtual
turntables, crossfading between songs and
adjusting speed, volume and equalizer sliders
just like with a real turntable and mixer setup.

Two-finger gestures are supported on all Mac
notebooks featuring two-finger scrolling, making
the feature available to most users with iBook,
PowerBook, MacBook or MacBook Pro computers. For
even more control, users of the MacBook Air and
the latest MacBook and MacBook Pro models can use
the additional three-finger swipe and rotate

djay is available for $49.99 or ¤39.99 as an
immediate download from the algoriddim website,
or as a high-quality product box from the Apple
Online Store and Apple Retail Stores worldwide.
For more information and to download a free demo,
please visit.