LaCie has announced an array of software tools to simplify the data
backup and system setup processes for LaCie consumer storage systems
customers. And the company also unveiled a new driver to improve the
performance for some of its USB products.

Starting this month, LaCie will ship the Intego Backup Assistant for
Mac users and Genie Backup Assistant for PC users with many of its
consumer storage products. Intego Backup Assistant is a backup
solution for Mac OS X derived from the Intego’sPersonal Backup X5
technology. It’s designed to protects Mac users from data loss by
systematically making copies of their documents, applications, and
system files.

Additionally, the company is bundling LaCie Setup Assistant with its
consumer storage systems. It’s designed to meld disk drive formatting
and preparation process into one simple step. Finally, today LaCie
unveiled the availability of USB Boost, an enhanced driver for LaCie
Little Disk, LaCie Hard Disk Design by Neil Poulton and LaCie Rugged
USB drives. This new driver purportedly improves the read-write
performance of these USB drives by up to 33 percent versus the
previous LaCie driver.

Genie Backup Assistant, Intego Backup Assistant and LaCie Setup
Assistant as well as USB Boost will be bundled beginning this month
with the following consumer storage products: