Truphone for iPod touch
( is new software that
effectively turns the iPod touch into a mobile
phone. It uses the device’s Wi-Fi connection to
carry calls over the Internet to its destination.
There’s no monthly line rental, no subscription
or other hidden charges.

Not only is the software free, but calls made
using Truphone’s application for the iPod touch
are also free. Once installed, and with the
addition of a microphone adaptor (the Truphone
microphone adaptor will be available soon), iPod
touch owners can make free calls to other iPod
touch owners, to customers of Truphone’s Internet
telephony service and to users of Google Talk
instant messaging service.
The following features are purportedly coming soon:
° Calling to landlines (PSTN) at low cost (simply
set yourself up with a Truphone account);

° Instant messaging to Skype and MSN (free);

° Calling to Skype users (free);

° Calling to MSN users (free);

° Check and set facilities for Twitter (free);

° Check and set facilities for Facebook (free).

Truphone for iPod touch can be downloaded from Apple’s App Store.