callas pdfToolbox Server 4 is now available for download from the
callas software web site ( It’s based
on one technology platform and is designed to offer an easy way to
automate the PDF workflow by allowing several actions to a PDF in one

All new features found in the pdfToolbox 4 plug-in, extensive PDF
correction, page manipulation, preparing PDF presentation or
imposition, can now be done fully automatically. pdfToolbox Server 4
costs EUR3.999. Upgrades from previous versions are EUR1.499.

In conjunction with the release of pdfToolbox Server callas software
has also updated its plug-in, callas pdfToolbox 4. This new version
provides specific enhancements with regards to metadata. This allows
to explore and export the XMP information that is embedded in the PDF
file to a fully configurable report in XML or tab delimited format.

callas pdfToolbox 4 is available at EUR499. Owners of a pdfToolbox 3
license are entitled to a free upgrade. Upgrades from any previous
version of callas pdfToolbox 2, callas pdfCorrect, callas
pdfColorConvert or callas pdfLayermaker cost EUR199.