Asigra (, which specializes in agentless
information recovery management, has announced its Storage I/O and
Data Validation Tool. The new utility helps Asigra storage partners,
MSPs, VARs and users ensure that optimally tuned and architected
storage servers are implemented as part of their disk-based data
protection infrastructure to maximize investment return, says Eran
Farajun, executive vice president for Asigra.

The tool provides analysis to identify which storage systems under
consideration for deployment or already deployed are optimized to
work most effectively with Asigra Televaulting and any other I/O
intensive general computing application to support positive ROI
(return on investment). The tool can simulate loads from hundreds or
thousands of remote sites, target servers/workstations or computerss
and multiple types of simultaneous activities like backup and restore.

The Asigra Storage I/O and Data Validation Tool works by measuring
the communication speed between the backup vault or staged backup
device and the backup targets. The tool identifies the issues and
allows for tuning that maps to specific backup and recovery
performance requirements. This new offering by Asigra supports
managed service provider (MSP) pressures to meet customer Service
Level Agreements (SLAs) and end user demands for meeting stringent
backup windows as well as best practices to ensure lower operational