Freeverse has released Burning Monkey Casino, a casino game for the
iPhone and iPod touch. It features seven different games in one app:
Video Poker, Slots, Blackjack, Money Wheel, Pachino, Scratch-N-Win
Lotto and 3 Card Monty.

Here’s how Burning Monkey Casino is described: “The games take full
advantage of the iPhone’s capabilities – a Money Wheel you spin with
a swipe, a Pachinko game you can influence with a tilt, and a
Scratch-N-Win lottery ticket you scratch off with your finger. In
addition to 18 varieties of video poker, nine types of slot machines,
and Blackjack with 1-8 decks, this casino also comes with a lounge
act and stand-up comedian.”

Burning Monkey Casino is available immediately for $0.99 from at the
Apple App Store: