Open Door Networks ( and Project A have
announced that their Holiday Envi and Carols Envi applications are
now shipping through the Apple App Store for the US$1.99 Holiday Envi
and Carols Envi are meant to bring smiles to iPhone and iPod touch
users’ faces during the winter holidays of Thanksgiving, Christmas,
Hanukkah and New Years.

Holiday Envi provides the iPhone or iPod with a “touch” of
lighthearted holiday potpourri. It includes holiday images, which
Holiday Envi pulls in and displays with just a couple quick
tap-tap-taps. Items include classic holiday paintings and other art,
celebrations throughout the world, delicious looking holiday fare,
and all sorts of other seasonal trappings. Images can be enjoyed
full-screen in automated slide shows, or saved to the Photo app for
use in holiday emails, greeting cards, and other ways of spreading
seasonal cheer.

Carols Envi includes the words and musical score to over 100 classic
yuletide carols. From “Deck the Halls” to “Jingle Bells,” “Silent
Night” to “The First Noel,” Carols Envi displays each carol, stanza
by stanza. The images, originally obtained from the web, are built
directly into the app so that carolers don’t need to find Internet
access as they journey about town, and so that each stanza loads
quickly. The app even loops back to the beginning after the last
stanza, so singers can go on to the next verse. Images can also be
saved to the Photo app.

Each app includes a large “sampler” from the other, as well as from
the full Envi product line. Open Door Networks and Project A have
added a set of “hidden treats” to both apps, for users to discover as
they go.

Both Holiday Envi and Carols Envi are based on the iEnvision
web-image browser. iEnvision, which takes advantage of the iPhone’s
built-in Internet access and high-resolution multi-touch display to
organize web-based images into tap-and-play full-screen automated
slideshows, or “web shows.”