ZeroOutages ( is a new service that
claims to double your Internet speed. It comes your exisitng Internet
connection with a secondary broadband link.

The folks at say that ZO provides customers with the
ability to leverage multiple broadband connections for faster
connectivity, which enables greater productivity and reduced wait
time for end-users. ZO is designed to ensurer customers have
redundancy in the event of a network failure. The service also
purportedly delivers the low latency required for today’s real-time
applications like VoIP, CRM and SaaS. By improving responsiveness.

ZO offers 10Mbps service for US$499 per month. There’s also a
$99/month service that’s designed to offer both increased web-based
download speeds and full network redundancy in the event of a WAN

ZO requires no protocol set-up or ISP coordination. Services include:
a secondary backup broadband connection (which can also be used for
load balancing traffic for increased throughput); an Internet
redundancy switching appliance that requires no IP address changes
and will automatically switch over your Internet connection in the
event of a network outage; and 24/7/365 monitoring of each WAN link
by a network operations center (NOC).