MacPractice ( has released MacPractice
Kiosk Interface with signature pad for users of MacPractice MD,
MacPractice DDS, MacPractice DC, and MacPractice 20/20.

MacPractice Kiosk is a customizable solution for a paperless practice
that makes registration, health history, HIPAA, consent, treatment
acceptance, and all other patient forms available for completion and
signature by patients electronically on a Kiosk computer in a
doctor’s office. After the patient electronically signs their forms
on a Mac computer designated to operate as a kiosk, the forms are
automatically incorporated into their Electronic Medical Record (EMR)
or Electronic Dental Record (EMR/EDR) in MacPractice. Virtually any
paper form may be recreated in electronic format in MacPractice
EMR/EDR and made available for completion by the patient on the Kiosk

MacPractice Kiosk is available to users of MacPractice 3.5 for use
with MacPractice EMR or MacPractice EDR through Dec. 31, for the
introductory price of US$1,500. There’s an annual support/updates fee
of $200.