IntelliScanner has released Wine Collector 300
(, a “smart scanner” for
wine enthusiasts. It costs US$279 and works with Mac and Windows
systems. It bundles the IntelliScanner mini portable barcode reader
and wine management software to automatically provide wine bottle
details using an Internet-enabled database and AutoFill technology.

The system helps track tasted wine, view collections online,
determine wine maturity and now offers personalized asset tags for
tracking wines without barcodes. Wine Collector 300 uses barcode
technology to organize any wine collection instantly. By scanning the
retail barcode on a wine label and then plugging the scanner into a
computer, the software will automatically download information about
the bottle — just like a digital camera — and automatically fill in
details like the name, varietal, winery, country, type, color and

Users can then store rating and tasting notes, print custom reports,
create a virtual cellar to find wines, publish their wine collection
to a personal web site and view their collections on an iPhone. In
addition, Wine Collector 300 includes the IntelliScanner mini
portable barcode reader, to instantly scan wine bottles anywhere.

IntelliScanner Custom Asset Tags work with Wine Collector 300 to
automatically track wines without barcodes. By scanning the barcode
on a custom asset tag, Wine Collector owners can manage, search and
sort their collections. In addition, users can also add their names
to Custom Asset Tags to dentify their wine bottles. Each tag is
printed with an individual’s name and a unique barcode number to
track and identify all the wines in any collection. Users can create
personalized asset tags with a family name or add any text — “Jon’s
Wines,” “Smith Family Collection,” etc. Customers receive their
personalized, pre-printed custom tags direct from IntelliScanner,
without having to use their own printers.

Wine Collector 300 offers an enhanced database and new features for
managing wine collections. The software’s updated wine database
includes 67,000 wine records worldwide and provides more detailed
information when scanning wine bottles. With the enhanced database,
users will find more wine fields completed more often. New features
for Taste Tracking allow users to track the wines they’ve already
tasted and store this information in a built-in report. Taste
Tracking lets you track tasted wine and add notes. For Mac users,
Wine Collector 300 includes iSight camera integration, to instantly
take a picture of a wine bottle and add it to the artwork field.