Microsoft’s Macintosh Business Unit (the MacBU) has announced that
Eric Wilfrid has been named the new general manager of the MacBU.
This change in leadership comes as Craig Eisler has been promoted to
a new role within E&D.

Wilfrid is a 14-year Microsoft veteran who has been with the MacBU
since its inception in 1997 where he most recently was a product unit
Manager. You can find a note from him on the Mac Mojo blog
( later today.

As general manager for the MacBU, Wilfrid’s responsibilities include
managing the strategic vision and direction for all of MacBU’s
software and online products developed for the Mac platform, managing
the business relationship with Apple and leading one of the largest
teams of Mac-focused developers outside Apple. Prior to his role as
general manager, he was a product unit manager for the MacBU in the
Silicon Valley campus in Mountain View, California. Wilfrid managed
the team of engineers in Mountain View who work with the MacBU team.

Wilfrid joined Microsoft in August 1994 as a developer working on the
Microsoft PowerPoint presentation graphics program. A charter member
of MacBU, he joined the team in 1997 and contributed to Office for
Mac as a developer, development lead and group program manager before
becoming a product unit manager. In addition to seven releases of
Office (five for the Mac, two for Windows), Wilfrid contributed to
the releases of Internet Explorer, MSN and Virtual PC on the
Macintosh platform. He earned a bachelor of arts in computer science
from Harvard University.