Griffin Technology has released iTalk
(, a new sound
recording app for the iPhone, iPhone 3G, and second generation iPod
touch. This two-part app allows users to create high-quality
recordings, and then transfer the recordings to a Mac or PC.

iTalk offers one-touch recording controls, the ability to
pause/resume recordings and even append to previous recordings on the
fly. You can download the app from the Apple App Store and install it
on your iPhone or iPod touch, for mobile recording and playback. Its
companion program, iTalk Sync, runs on your computer to transfer
recordings from iPod or iPhone for editing and sharing.

iTalk Sync connects to your iPod touch or iPhone wirelessly via your
local Wi-Fi network. To transfer a file, drag the recordings from
iTalk Sync’s list and drop them onto your desktop. Recordings are
saved as AIFF files, playable in iTunes and most other media players.
Griffin’s iTalk is free for a limited time.