Take Control has released a new, 112-page ebook
about Apple’s MobileMe online service. It’s
written to provide documentation and help readers
make the most of their $99-per-year subscription!

Apple’s MobileMe online service has been much in
the news lately, since it integrates with the
iPhone to seamlessly move contact and calendar
information among the iPhone, the MobileMe Web
site, and a computer. Along with this whizzy
syncing feature, MobileMe offers a virtual Swiss
Army knife of options, but one notable lack is
detailed documentation. The new “Take Control of
MobileMe” is an ebook by Mac expert Joe Kissell
designed to fill that gap.

Kissell first focusses on set up and syncing —
what to expect, what kinds of data sync, handling
problems, and more. Once that’s covered, Kissell
examines these topics:

° Various ways to use an iDisk for storing and sharing files;

° Accessing and updating calendar and contact data on the MobileMe site;

° Using the Gallery feature (alone or via iLife
’08) to publish photos and movies;

° Publishing a Web site to MobileMe’s servers;

° Enabling Back to My Mac in order to access one of your Macs from another;

° Using MobileMe email, via its web interface,
Apple Mail, and an iPhone or iPod touch;

° How MobileMe’s Backup app compares to Leopard’s Time Machine.

“Take Control of MobileMe” can be purchased for
US$10 at

The book assumes that most readers are using Mac
OS X 10.5 (“Leopard”) — and possibly an iPhone
or iPod touch, but it also has details aimed at
helping those using Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger, Windows
XP, and Windows Vista.