Excel Software (http://www.excelsoftware.com) has updated
QuickLicense, a system for managing the licensing of Mac OS X and
Windows software, to version 3.0. The upgrade includes an application
programming interface for complete developer control and the
AddLicense tool to wrap compiled applications within a protective
license with no programming required.
Unicode text enables the developer to customize the user interface to
support any language. An application can even replace the runtime
Activation dialog. A vendor can securely blocked or unblocked an
activated license. Individual features can be securely enabled when
purchased by a customer.

QuickLicense is used to configure hacker-proof evaluation, lease or
full licenses, then manage each license and customer data. It offers
developers control over how many days or executions are allowed,
which computers or users can run the software, the security features
that protect it and how the registration process works.

The QuickLicense application is used to configure a flexible
licensing strategy with data stored in an encrypted ticket file. The
data and runtime executable are protected from disassembly by data
and logic firewalls. This royalty-free system can be applied to any
consumer, business or shareware application developed in any
programming language to implement trial editions, software leases,
controlled feature editions or full licenses.

QuickLicense offers online activation through a human controlled or
automated process, passwords, license reset and controlled usage by
specific computers or users. The software can be used to make
shrink-wrapped, electronic download or time-leased distribution of
software. In addition to configuring the licensing strategy, the
QuickLicense application lets users store, organize and locate data
from customers collected in the activation process. Data can be
imported or exported to any spreadsheet or database application.

QuickLicense costs US$585 for a single user edition for a single-user
license on Mac OS X or Windows. You can buy a $995 license for both.
QuickLicense is Universal Binary so runs natively on both PowerPC and
Intel Macs.