Absoft Corp. (http://www.absoft.com), a provider of Fortran tools for
Mac OS systems, has announced an Xcode plug-in for Fortran
development under Xcode 3.1 on Intel-based Macs. The plug-in is
compatible with Absoft’s newly released Pro Fortran 10.2, and will be
included free of charge as part of the Pro Fortran distribution.

Absoft is releasing the Xcode plug-in as an alternative to their
multi-platform IDE for Fortran and C++ development. The company says
that Apple’s Xcode is excellent for C/C++, but wasn’t designed as
Fortran aware, and therefore is limited as a Fortran development

Absoft’s Fortran Xcode plug-in adds Fortran functionality, which
allows Absoft’s 32-bit and 64-bit Fortran compilers to be used within
Xcode. Access to Absoft’s Fx3 debugger, MRWE application framework
and third party libraries is also supported. Using Absoft’s Xcode
plug-in, customers can build mixed Fortran or Fortran/C++ programs as
MRWE applications, terminal applications or libraries.