IK Multimedia has announced T-RackS 3 (http://www.t-racks.com), a new
mastering and mixing suite. It sports a suite of nine analog-modeled
and digital Dynamics/EQ processors comprised of three new analog and
vintage emulations (including models based on the Fairchild 670 and
the Pultec EQP-1A), two new digital processors as well as the four
T-RackS processors.

With the T-RackS 3’s new configurable mastering/mixing chain you can
run up to 12 parallel/series processors. It sports a new, complete
built-in metering section with Peak, Perceived Loudness, Phase, and
RMS meters, plus a Spectrum analyzer with Peak, RMS and Averaging

New standalone and plug-in versions available in the same package for
use in the most popular native DAWs. The The T-RackS 3 has a new
high-fidelity oversampling with transparency for high quality audio
processing throughout the entire signal path. It also touts new SCC
technology coupled with IK’s DSM technology.

The T-RackS 3 has style-based presets, full chain visualization,
one-click single module or chain bypass, “compare” function, multiple
audio processing in standalone mode, and more. It costs US$199.99 for
the standard version and $499 for a deluxe version.