MacTribe magazine (, described as the first
Mac magazine and web site to combine the traditional format of
reviews, news and usage tips with culture, art, profiles and
interviews, will launch its new print edition at newsstands this
month. It will be distributed by Source Interlink Companies, one of
the largest magazine distributors and publishers in the US.

MacTribe has grown steadily as a website for three years. In addition
to the usual Mac magazine fare such as product reviews and news from
Cupertino, MacTribe Magazine now offers in-depth interviews with
creative professionals, expanded coverage about design and
photography, features on tech culture, and more.

“Mac users exist as a type of subculture with similar tastes,
interests, and ideas,” says Daniel Robillard, founder and publisher.
“MacTribe has created a unique approach to serving them the content
they crave in a stylish 21st century format. The end result is a
virtual and print world where our tribe can come together as a

He says the new print edition of MacTribe will reflect the
sophisticated aesthetic valued by Mac users, while taking Mac
coverage to a new level. The coverage is not only about computers,
it’s about Mac culture and user community, Robillard adds.

Look for the latest print edition at newsstands in the middle of
October. The print and web version feature sections such as: Techie
Trendy, Interviews, Apple Product Guide, Stock Photography,
Multimedia, Digital Design, and All Things Apple.