i.TV (http://www.i.tv) has launched a movie and TV guide service for
the iPhone and iPod touch. It makes it easy to discover television
and movie programming options, share entertainment information with
friends, and access media anywhere you can take one of the devices,
says Brad Pelo, i.TV’s founder and CEO.

“When Apple announced that it would allow third parties to develop
applications for the iPhone and iPod touch, we saw an opportunity to
leverage the powerful capabilities of Apple’s devices to create a new
kind of media discovery utility,” he says. “In order to make such a
tool viable, we forged a strategic partnership with TV Guide because
we knew they could provide our users with the best and most
comprehensive media guidance information. We are confident those who
use i.TV will be pleased with the result.”

i.TV presents users with relevant and up-to-date TV and movie
listings based on their current location and other customizable
profile settings. The service provides background information for
most programs, including celebrity photos, biographies, show
synopses, ratings, and reviews.

i.TV also gives users advanced sort options for organizing television
listings according to categories such as channel, show, and genre.
Additionally, customers can use built-in filtering capabilities to
exclude information from their listings, such as adult content. i.TV
includes a number of community-focused features that enable users to
discover programming and socialize around entertainment. Customers
can also use i.TV to recommend shows through an email alert to

The application allows users to give shows star ratings, write their
own reviews, and respond to reviews written by other members of the
i.TV community. i.TV also has the capability to deliver entertainment
directly to the end user. Using the iPhone or iPod touch, i.TV’s
customers have access to a large selection of movie trailers and
television previews that can be streamed directly to their device.

i.TV is a free download for the iPhone and iPod touch at the Apple App Store.