GiantCrayon Games releases GiantCrayon SudokuArcade, a game that
combines falling blocks, a ticking clock and the brain puzzles of

“We’re incredibly excited,” says Tim Goggin, vice president, Sales &
Marketing for GiantCrayon Games. “You can play this falling block
game using your arrow keys of course. But newer MacBook and MacBook
Pro notebook computers have special chips designed to protect the
hard drive in the event of a sudden drop. We use this sudden motion
sensor to read the computer’s physical movements through the air.”

Users can move the falling Sudoku blocks by lifting their Mac
notebooks to the left, the right, forwards and backwards. GiantCrayon
SudokuArcade works on Mac OS X 10.5.x (“Leopard”) and retails for

More information and a downloadable demo about the GiantCrayon
SudokuArcade can be found at