Ekim Software (http://www.ekimsoftware.com) is shipping BuildMate
1.0, a free, cross-platform build process automation tool for
REALbasic projects. It allows you to set properties and constants in
a project with static and dynamic values from the build configuration
file, moving the resulting built applications to a builds directory.

Many different situations, like running a schedule to perform nightly
builds to reducing a complicated build process down to a single
command, can benefit from the use of BuildMate, therefore saving
developers a lot of time. The app lets you: build multiple projects
from a single configuration file; set constant and property values
before building; copy resource files into your built application
package; replace the Info.plist file with your own in a Mac built;
and move built applications into a builds direction when complete. It
offers cross-platform configuration files, and the build can be fully