IVO Software has released Expressivo 1.4.3
(http://www.expressivo.com), an update of the Mac OS X application
that can read any text aloud. After you install the new Expressivo it
integrates with MS Outlook and other e-mail applications adding to
them voice functionalities.

With Expressivo you can now listen to e-mails on a computer or save
them as sound files and play them later; for example, on an iPod.
What’s more,, a new e-mail monitoring plug-in has been added to tell
you that there are new messages in the mail box.

With the Expressivo 1.4.3 you can save speech recordings as sound
files just by clicking a button in the main window’s toolbar. Users
of MP3 players can take advantage of the option of reading out file
names — it’s enabled in the speech recording settings. When you’ve
enabled it the name of a sound file will be read out before it’s

Expressivo costs US$49, though version 1.4.3 is a free update for
registered users. A demo is available for download.