Livestation (, the new,
interactive way to enjoy live TV and radio over broadband, has
introduced the first user-generated rating and alert system. The
company recently released a Mac player with some new features.

When a Livestation viewer or listener sees or hears something
interesting being broadcast on the player, they can hit the “What’s
Hot” button and buzz their comments. If others are buzzing about the
same content, the rankings for that channel will rise to the top of
the What’s Hot list, enabling everyone to see what is popular and, if
they like it, to tune in.

Once they’ve selected the channel they will also be able to chat in
real time with others who have created or followed the What’s Hot
buzz. What’s Hot desktop alerts will be added soon so that
Livestation users can keep up-to-date about topics they are
following. Also launched is a breaking news alerting system allowing
Livestation’s viewers and listeners to receive desktop alerts from
their favorite channels even when they’re not watching.