Quark has announced the simultaneous fall release
of Quark Publishing System 8, QuarkCopyDesk 8,
and QuarkXPress Server 8, marking the complete
compatibility of Quark’s enterprise solutions
with QuarkXPress 8.

With the release of these offerings, customers
can leverage the superior design capabilities of
QuarkXPress 8 with the flexible, automated
workflow of QPS in their publishing environments.
Together these offerings connect key publishing
tasks and technologies to help customers lay the
groundwork for Quark Dynamic Publishing Solution.

Built on an open standards-based architecture,
QPS 8 provides a flexible framework for marketing
departments, agencies, and magazine and newspaper
publishers to manage their publishing workflows.
Through compatibility with QuarkXPress 8, QPS 8
delivers greater design capability for the
delivery of print, Web, and Flash output, and —
through the universal file format of QuarkXPress
8 and QuarkCopyDesk 8 — allows publishers to
preview, edit, and output high-fidelity documents
created anywhere in the world.

QuarkCopyDesk 8, Quark’s text and picture editing
software, and QuarkXPress Server 8, the
composition and rendering engine that powers
publishing workflows and business applications —
both core components of QPS — are also
compatible with QuarkXPress 8. QuarkCopyDesk 8
inherits QuarkXPress 8’s new intuitive interface,
advanced typographical control, and support for
East Asian text, as well as improved page and
baseline grid features, and operating
system-level drag-and-drop functionality.

In addition to compatibility with QuarkCopyDesk
8, QuarkXPress Server 8, and QuarkXPress 8, QPS 8

° A ready-made adapter for AlfrescoTM Enterprise
2, the leading open source content management
system, allowing users to store assets in a
single repository and view and update content in

° User interface support for 13 languages
including Japanese, as well as hyphenation and
spell checking for more than 30 languages,
enabling advanced international collaboration

° Improved asset management through QPS Connect
Client, including multi-page preview, multiple
asset check-in, metadata tagging, custom
grouping, and full text search functionality

° QPS Web Hub support for East Asian languages,
including the support for Rubi and Group

° Support for native Adobe Illustrator file
formats, which eliminates the need to switch back
and forth between QuarkXPress and Illustrator for

QPS is the most flexible and easy-to-use workflow
system available today. Unlike Woodwing’s Smart
Connection Enterprise and Softcare’s K4, only QPS
offers XML-based Job Jackets technology to
evaluate design and content accuracy in order to
prevent errors early in the production process.
Only QPS offers ready-made integration with
Alfresco Enterprise 2, the leading open-source
content management system. In addition, it is the
easiest workflow system to set up because it is
configured through a graphical user interface
instead of a browser interface or text-based
configuration scripts. QPS also works with more
desktop applications than Smart Connection
Enterprise and K4.

“Quark Publishing System 8 is the most flexible,
cost-effective, and easy-to-use publishing system
available today,” said PG Bartlett, Senior Vice
President of Product Management for Quark. “Its
compatibility with QuarkXPress 8, combined with
the power of QuarkCopyDesk 8 and QuarkXPress
Server 8, helps customers build the foundation
for dynamic publishing.”

Quark will be onsite at IFRA (Booth #10240)
October 27-30, 2008 and Graph Expo (Booth #4421)
October 26-29, 2008 to demonstrate Quark Dynamic
Publishing Solution, QPS 8, QuarkCopyDesk 8,
QuarkXPress Server 8, and QuarkXPress 8. While
onsite at the two events, Quark will make another
significant announcement related to QPS 8.

Quark Publishing System 8, QuarkCopyDesk 8 and
QuarkXPress Server 8 will be available in Q4 2008.

For more information on QPS 8 and the entire
portfolio of QuarkXPress 8 compliant solutions,
please visit
http://dynamicpublishing.quark.com/qps/. To learn
more about QuarkXPress 8, please visit