Wasabi Systems (http://www.WasabiSystems.com) has expanded its line
of VMX iSCSI SAN appliances. The VMX 2000 series now consists of the
VMX 2000e , VMX 2000mx and VMX 2000sx, covering entry-level
applications up to enterprise systems.

All three models share the same 2U 12 drive enterprise class chassis
with redundant power supplies and fans along with Seagate ES.2
enterprise class SATA or SAS drives. All are based upon Wasabi’s
Storage Builder Enterprise network storage operating system.

At the top of Wasabi’s lineup is the 2000sx , which features a PCI
express-based backplane and an Intel quad-core XEON processor
targeting high performance application environments and Virtualized
Data centers. By using optional expansion chassis, this model can
support up to 60TB of raw capacity with a mix of enterprise grade SAS
or SATA drives. The powerful addition of thin provisioning allows
users great flexibility in buying just the capacity they need
initially and being able to add physical storage to their pools as
needed without having wasteful unused capacity. The 2000sx ships
with 2GbE data ports and can be expanded to support up to 10 1 GbE
data ports or up to 2-10GbE data ports. With optional Seagate ES.2
SAS drives, the 2000sx is capable of up to 800MB/sec sustained read
and write throughput supporting the most demanding requirements.

“Our initial iSCSI SAN appliances have been well received in the
market place,” said Frank G. Logan, Wasabi’s President and CEO.
“These new models have been upgraded and cover a much broader
spectrum of the market and outperform many of the market leaders at
dramatically lower price points. With the addition of 10GbE, thin
provisioning, snapshot and volume shadow copy services, we cover the
entire market spectrum from entry level to mid-range enterprise

Targeted applications for the VMX series include disk-backup, digital
archive, web2.0 infrastructure, video surveillance, digital media
infrastructure and general office systems. The VMX series was
designed to support virtual server infrastructure using VMWare, XEN
or Hyper-V server virtualization technology.

The VMX 2000e starts at under $6,000 for a 2TB system, targeted to
first time SAN users migrating from direct attached storage. It can
be expanded up to 12 TB and comes standard with 2GbE data ports.
Performance is up to 220MB/sec of sustained sequential read or write
throughput. RAID levels of 0,1,10 and 5 are supported for
redundancy. The VMX 2000e is powered by an Intel Core 2 Duo
processor clocked at 1.8Ghz and comes standard with 1GB of dynamic

The 2000mx adds performance and power for mid-range applications.
RAID 6 and 60 are added to the mix with 256MB of battery backed cache
and a 1GB dynamic cache and the 2000mx can be expanded up to 48TB
with optional expansion chassis. The 2000mx can also support up to 6
GbE data ports for additional flexibility and sustained sequential
read or write throughput is rated at 500MB/sec with SATA drives. The
2000mx is powered by a Core2 Duo 2.4Ghz processor with up to 4GB of
dynamic cache.

SAS and SATA can be mixed to support tiered storage configurations
with great flexibility. Select from Seagate ES.2 7,200 RPM 1TB SAS
and SATA high capacity drives and Seagate Barracuda 15k RPM 400GB SAS
drives to optimize performance for the most demanding applications.

Wasabi separately announced a series of Enterprise enhancements to
its core network storage operating system – long the foundation of
other Tier 1 OEM platforms and now powering Wasabi’s own branded

All models come with 3-year warranty and 24/7 nationwide telephone
support and eSupport. Optional onsite next business day premium
service is available for up to 5 years. Wasabi products are
available exclusively through its nationwide network of VARs and
Systems Integrators and are distributed exclusively through Info-X in
New Jersey.