SRS Labs ( has announced the upcoming release
of two new products in the iWOW family, making SRS’ audio solutions
available for the entire iTunes ecosystem — including Mac, PC and
iPod applications.

The first product is iWOW for iPod, an adaptor that attaches to
iPods, and the second is iWOW for Mac and PC software plug-in, which
offers two software applications in one retail package. SRS iWOW for
iPod is an audio adaptor that attaches to the iPod. Utilizing
patented SRS audio solutions, SRS iWOW for iPod “restores the audio
cues that are buried in the original source material so music and
video files sound the way they were originally meant to be heard on
your iPod — with remarkable depth and clarity,” according to the
folks at SRS Labs.

With the push of the button, users hear the difference in music,
videos and podcasts, they add. SRS iWOW for iPod works with the iPod
classic, iPod nano 3G, iPod touch and the iPod 5G.

The new version of iWOW software plug-in is built upon the iWOW for
Mac, which was a top iTunes third party software download during
2007, according to SRS iWOW provides 3D audio over
headphones, desktop, laptop or monitor speakers.

As a complete new retail boxed product, iWOW for Mac and PC offers
two software applications in one package. It also sports a new user
interface that lets users personalize acoustic preferences with an
array of music and video presets, like rock, classical, jazz, blues,
country and more.

SRS iWOW for Mac and PC software package will be available in
October, while the iWOW adaptor for iPod will be available in
November. The suggested retail prices are US$79.99 and $99.99