MicroNet (http://www.micronet.com) is shipping the RAIDBank4 a
compact, high availability, high performance storage solution
designed for small and medium businesses (SMBs). It sports both eSATA
and USB connectivity, and a 300 MB/second data transfer rate,.

It’s targeted for companies requiring up to 4TB now (and, soon, up to
6TB). up to six terabytes soon of high-availability data storage. The
RAIDBank4 has a footprint measuring 6.5 x 4.75 inches.

It integrates a 64-bit RISC processor with a 128MB and a high-speed
error correcting cache to ensure accuracy. The device is hot
swappable, features online auto rebuild support, and is packaged in a
lightweight aluminum enclosure.

RAIDBank4 includes MicroNet’s 2-port eSATA PCI-Express host bus
adapter card and NTI Shadow backup software and is available with a
4-port adapter option. The OS independent solution enables
simultaneous online RAID expansion, RAID level migration and/or
stripe size migration. In addition, multiple array and logical unit
support is offered.

Pricing and Availability: RAIDBank4 is currently available in two or
4TB configurations with a starting price of US$999.