Sonnet Technologies has announced the Pro Dual CompactFlash Adapter
ExpressCard/34, which enables digital photographers to transfer files
concurrently from two CF memory cards to a MacBook Pro computer
on-location or in the field, studio, or office.

The Sonnet adapter uses the 2.5 Gbps PCI Express interface
incorporated into ExpressCard slots, so it delivers performance
superior to adapters that depend on the ExpressCard slot’s USB 2.0
interface, says CEO Robert Farnsworth. The dual-slot CF memory card
adapter accepts two Type I (flash memory) cards or a combination of
one Type I and one Type II (hard drive) card.

The Sonnet dual CF card adapter supports UDMA6 transfer modes with
sustained data transfers up to 133 MB/second. The Sonnet adapter
supports at full speed the fastest available CF memory cards and
future CF cards up to 886x, making it a superior alternative to USB
readers, Farnsworth says. Its compact size allows it to fit into a
gear bag.

The Pro Dual CompactFlash Adapter ExpressCard/34 is compatible with
MacBook Pro systems running Mac OS 10.5 (“Leopard”) or higher. The
adapter will be shipping in October at a suggested retail price of
US$99.95. More information about the Pro Dual CompactFlash Adapter
ExpressCard/34, Sonnet Technologies, and the company’s other products
are available at