The XPJ Personal Entertainment Projector (PEP)
from Ölens Technology
( is a new,
portable digital video projector designed for use
with all gaming systems, computers, DVD players,
cameras and many other devices.

The US$279 XPJ PEP projects an image as large as
70 inches and can be connected to any iPod, Xbox,
PlayStation Wii, iPod, DVD player, computer, or
just about any video system. As an option
accessory, the PEP’s audio-out jack allows
connection to a sound system.

The XPJ is manufactured to UL specs. It sports a
resolution of 640 X 480 pixels (VGA), projects
images from 40 to 70 inches, and includes a
proprietary 270 watt lamp. The XPJ comes with one
installed lamp and one back-up lamp at no extra
charge. It comes with a VGA connector, AV
composite & S-Video ports, built-in stereo
speakers, a RCA audio/video cable and a remote