TuneWear (http://www.tunewear.com) has announced new cases and films
for the iPhone 3G. The new line up includes the silicone case series
(IceWear for iPhone 3G), clear protective film (TuneFilm for iPhone
3G), the crystal-clear polycarbonate hard shell case (TuneShell for
iPhone 3G), and the polycarbonate hard shell case with protective
cover (TuneShell Plus for iPhone 3G).

They cost US$24.95, $14.95, $24.95 and $29.95, respectively. TuneWear
also offers leather cases (pictured) for the iPhone 3G. They include
the The new line up includes the nappa leather case series,
Ambassador for iPhone 3G ($59.95) and the leather shell case,
LeatherShell for iPhone 3G ($29.95). All iPhone 3G products are
available in from the TuneWear online sho