TLA Systems has announced a new release of the PCalc
(( calculator for the iPhone and iPod touch.
It’s available to download today from the Apple App Store for US$3.99.

The most notable new feature in this release is support for multiple
undo and redo. All you need to do is flick the LCD display to the
right to undo, or to the left to redo, and the previous value slides.

Also, the RPN mode has been improved, with the “HP style RPN” option
available to make PCalc behave more like “your trusty old
calculator.” You can also now change the colors of the LCD to
simulate that old red LED calculator, or just choose a simple black
on white display. In addition, the calculator keys have been made
more readable, and the layout improved.

TLA hasn’t forgotten PCalc users on Mac OS X. Version 3.3 – the
first PCalc update in nearly two years — is coming soon. It
incorporates all the improvements made to PCalc for the iPhone, and
comes with a modern new look. PCalc 3.3 will be a free upgrade for
existing registered users of PCalc for Mac OS X, and is expected to
be released within the next month.