Lingon i Korg Software Creations’ ( second
application for the iPhone and iPod touch mobile platforms has been
released on Apple’s iTunes App Store.

“We believe users all over the world will be excited about the
possibility of using their beloved iPhones and iPod touches as
always-accessible bill boards to project their messages over long
distances, ” says Oskar Lissheim-Boethius, Lingon i Korg’s founder
and CEO. “Our text input system lets our customers add symbols to
their messages which don’t even exist on the iPhone’s built-in

Additional features include the ability roll the banner text at three
different speeds; show the text in different sizes; as well as
display the text with a plethora of contrasting color schemes,
including Red on black and Black on red for light-sensitive
environments (e.g. astronomy or photography darkrooms). Users can
also access their 20 most recent banner text’s, to avoid the tedious
retyping of often used messages.

Rulla is available worldwide as of today in the iTunes App Store for
US$1.99. The first five thousand (5000) copies will be given away for
free as part of a promotion.