Microsoft Office 2008 for Mac is packed with tools and features that
aid in every aspect of the learning process for all students. The new
suite allows students to create great-looking reports and
presentations with ease as well as study tools to use on an iPod or
iPhone. Several aspects of everyday coursework can cause stress for
students, however, a recent education-based study* shows how Office
2008 for Mac can simplify students’ work.

Fact: Today, nearly half of all college students in the United States
use both a Mac and a PC to complete their schoolwork, and a majority
of students feel it’s important to be able to share and edit
documents on both platforms.

Simplified with Office for Mac. The new suite addresses students’
need to confidently share Office documents that are the same on
either platform. Office 2008 and the 2007 Microsoft Office system
share core technologies, including Office Open XML-based file formats
and OfficeArt.

Fact: More than 75 percent of surveyed college students agree that
writing a bibliography is a tedious and painful process.

Simplified with Office for Mac. Users can easily create and update
citations to meet their needs by moving from Associated Press style
to MLA style with the click of a button in Word 2008 for Mac.

Fact: The majority of college students agree that at times their
hands get physically sore from taking extensive class notes.

Simplified with Office for Mac. In Word 2008, audio recording lets
students put down their pens and record lectures to ensure they catch
every word. The audible notes can even be exported to students’
iPods, enabling on-the-go studying. And the Notebook Layout View lets
students organize notes based on individual learning styles,
providing access to customized backgrounds and color-coded tabs.
Office 2008 for Mac is available for up to 30 percent off with the
purchase of any Mac at Apple resellers now through Sept. 8, 2008. A
full list of participating Apple resellers is available by going to and clicking on
a “Save Now” link. In addition, many schools have volume licensing
agreements with Microsoft Corp. and are able to provide discounted
licenses of Microsoft software for student use. To learn more about
academic pricing and software availability, students should contact
their school’s bookstore or visit for special