AutoDesSys is previewing BonZai 3D, the latest addition to the
company’s line of 3D software. It’s a new 3D modeler developed.

Some of the individual features in BonZai are: fluid, powerful, and
smart interface; classic modeling tools (extrusions, sweeps,
transformations, etc.); real time Booleans; NURBS curves and
surfaces; smart 3D drawing; dynamic graphic editing; a Reshape tool;
interactive rendering with shadows, transparencies, and textures;
support for 3D printing; a graphic texture map editing; over 200 free
materials (texture maps); a content library for trees, furniture,
entourage elements; support of 3D Warehouse; Google Earth and
SketchUp file compatibility; over 20 export/import formats; and
embedded video tutorials

BonZai 3D is being prepped for public beta testing . An announcement
will go out as soon as it becomes available for download at