Oxford, UK – Softpress Systems today released Freeway 5.2, a free update to
its award-winning web design software. With a traditional page layout
approach, Freeway makes it easy to create dynamic websites without the need
to write code. This release is available to all registered owners of
Freeway 5.

Additionally, free 30-day trials of Freeway 5 Express and Freeway 5 Pro are
available from the Softpress website.

“Web developers all over the world are designing rich iPhone-ready
websites,” Softpress Managing Director Richard Logan said. “With Freeway
5.2, it’s easy to create beautiful sites that take advantage of the
iPhone’s great features. And since it’s Freeway, you know the code will be
efficient and standards-compliant.”

New Features in Freeway 5.2:
In addition to the features added in Freeway 5 (CSS menus, Google Actions,
Blogger templates, script.aculo.us Actions and dozens more), Freeway 5.2
brings the following:

Homescreen Icon for Web Clip – Specify and include an icon for your site on
the user’s Home Screen.
iPhone Application Links – Include mail links, phone links, map links,
YouTube links.
Video Content – Automatically create different versions of the same movie
files for viewing on iPhone with EDGE, iPhone with Wi-Fi/3G and for regular
desktops. QuickTime will automatically detect the user’s needs and serve
the appropriate file.

Additionally, Softpress has published a best practices document for
publishing web sites for the iPhone and iPod touch. The “Building websites
for the iPhone with Freeway” document can be found on the Softpress website.

Pricing and Availability:
Freeway 5.2 is a free download for all owners of Freeway 5. Updates can be
downloaded from the Softpress website. Freeway 5 Pro and Freeway 5 Express
are both available for purchase and immediate electronic delivery directly
from the Softpress Store.

Full versions of Freeway 5 Pro can be purchased for $249 USD, and Freeway 5
Express is $79 USD. Upgrades from Freeway 4 Pro to Freeway 5 Pro are $99
USD, upgrades from Freeway 4 Express to Freeway 5 Express are $59 USD.
Owners of Freeway 4 Express can upgrade to Freeway 5 Pro for just $179 USD.

For a limited time, owners of GoLive 8 or later can purchase Freeway Pro at
a 30% discount. Contact Sales for more info. More pricing details
(including student, senior and non-profit discounts) can be found on the
Softpress website.

Softpress Systems – http://www.softpress.com/

Freeway 5.2 – http://www.softpress.com/products

Update Download – http://www.softpress.com/updates

Purchase Link – http://www.softpress.com/store

Building Websites for the iPhone with Freeway –

Price List – http://www.softpress.com/store/pricelist.php

Softpress was founded in 1993 to address the emerging needs of professional
publishers and designers for cross-media authoring tools. Freeway, and its
extensive feature set, result from Softpress’ ongoing efforts to identify
and meet the real needs of web designers in today’s environment. Softpress
creates tools that many people rely on for their day-to-day business, so
they listen carefully to their customers. Future upgrades and product
offerings will continue to demonstrate Softpress’ commitment to quality,
leading-edge innovation and customer service.