Intego Personal Backup X5 10.5.2 Backs Up Files To and From FTP and SFTP

Austin, TX, July 31, 2008: Mac users want to back up their files to and
from a variety of locations, and Personal Backup X5 helps them do so.
Intego, the Macintosh security specialist, today announced the release of
Personal Backup X5 10.5.2, a free update to its popular data protection
software. This new version provides performance enhancements, and also
offers the ability to back up files to and from FTP and SFTP servers.

Most people who have their own web sites access these sites via FTP, or
file transfer protocol. With Personal Backup X5, users can now back up to
and from their FTP server, using standard FTP or SFTP (SSH file transfer
protocol). To do this, users merely choose Network Drive as either a source
or destination for a Personal Backup X5 script, then enter the server’s
address (beginning with ftp:// for a standard FTP server, or sftp:// to use
secure FTP). Personal Backup X5 doesn’t need to mount the FTP server in the
Finder in order to make its backups. These scripts can be scheduled, so
users can run a daily backup of files on their FTP server, or back up
personal files to an SFTP server at any preset time.

Personal Backup X5 is the versatile backup program for Mac, offering
backups, bootable backups and synchronizations. Personal Backup X5 protects
Mac users from disasters by backing up files regularly. Users can create
custom scripts to meet their precise needs, and Personal Backup X5’s
scheduled scripts ensure that users always have up-to-date backups.

Personal Backup X5 can back up important files to any hard disk, network
volume or optical disc. The program can also create bootable backups of
entire Macs, so users can get back to work quickly in case of system
problems. And Personal Backup X5 can synchronize folders or volumes, to
ensure that each one contains the same files.

“Many of our users wanted to be able to back up their files to and from FTP
and SFTP servers,” said Laurent Marteau, Intego’s CEO. “Since FTP servers
mounted in the Finder aren’t writable, we developed an efficient method of
working with these servers. Personal Backup X5 users now have additional
options for backing up their important files.”

Personal Backup X5 10.5.2 is available now. This version is a free update
for all users of Personal Backup X5, and is available for download via
NetUpdate, Intego’s automatic update tool. For more information, or to
download a demo version of Personal Backup X5, go to

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