Chicago, IL — HostingCon 2008 — July 30, 2008 — MailSite Software, Inc.
announced that it has completed its testing and verification of MailSite
Fusion 9 with Apple’s new iPhone 3G. MailSite has also tested and verified
the original iPhone with the 2.0 firmware installed and the iPod Touch with
the 2.0 firmware installed. MailSite Fusion 9 now pushes email, calendar
and contact updates over-the-air to the iPhone without requiring any
software to be installed on the device. MailSite Fusion 9 does this with
its built-in ActiveSync server. Visit us in booth 229 at HostingCon to
learn more.

With this verification, MailSite Fusion 9 now pushes email, calendar and
contacts over-the-air to most major smartphones in the market today. This
includes the iPhone, Nokia E and N series, Microsoft’s Windows Mobile
devices and other smartphones that are compatible with Microsoft Exchange
2007 ActiveSync.

MailSite Fusion 9 continues to provide excellent integration with Microsoft
Outlook 2007 for email, calendar and contacts without requiring any
plug-ins. Unlike Apple’s MobileMe, MailSite Fusion 9 provides true
end-to-end two-way push synchronization of email, calendar and contacts
from Outlook to MailSite to iPhone.

For small businesses, MailSite Fusion SE 9 runs on low-cost 32 bit servers
and includes everything required for a messaging platform. MailSite Fusion
SE 9 does not require a dedicated server and can be administered by a
Windows administrator. With licensing prices less than 50% of Microsoft
Exchange 2007, small businesses now have a low-cost alternative.

For service providers, MailSite Fusion SP 9 is field-proven to scale to
over a million subscribers on a single cluster. This offers carriers and
hosting companies a low cost and brand-able messaging platform with the
opportunity for profit margins that are substantially higher than with
Hosted Exchange 2007.

“Adoption of mobile push email, calendar and contacts is just beginning to
take-off,” said David Ferris of Ferris Research. “The new Apple iPhone 3G
will take ActiveSync beyond the large enterprise to the mass market and
MailSite is perfectly positioned to take advantage of this opportunity.”

“The new ActiveSync server in MailSite Fusion 9 just works,” said Jaime
Bolanos, IT Manager of Associated Foreign Exchange, a MailSite customer in
Encino, California. “By configuring your smartphone with your server name,
user name and password, MailSite Fusion works just like an Exchange 2007

“We are really excited to be able to provide the native integration with
Apple’s new iPhone,” said John Davies, President and CEO. “With the
scalability and reliability of MailSite Fusion 9, now hosting companies and
enterprises can roll out first class support for just about every
smartphone in the market.”

MailSite Fusion 9 is available from MailSite Software, Inc. and from
resellers around the world. MailSite Fusion SE 9 starts at $495 per year
for 20 users. Anti-spam and anti-virus subscriptions will be available at
additional cost. For more information visit: (

About MailSite Software, Inc.
MailSite Software, Inc. has been providing secure email, calendar and
contact server software for carriers, telecoms, hosting providers, service
providers, enterprises and small businesses worldwide since 1995. MailSite
Software is based in California’s Silicon Valley with European offices in
London and Edinburgh, UK. MailSite Software has more than 2,000 customers
hosting more than 15 million mailboxes worldwide. These include service
providers such as AT&T, Verizon, eChalk, Koç.net and NetOne; enterprises
such as Teleflora, Encyclopædia Britannica, and MediaNews Group. MailSite
Software partners include J2 Global Communications, Enigma Health, Rockwell
Collins, Kaspersky and Mailshell. For more information visit:

(Ed. Note: This product does not run on Mac OS X Server, but does support
some of the services that Mac OS X uses.)