kannuu’s search SDK for iPhone application developers will be
available for download the morning of Tuesday, July 22, at

kannuu has built-out an iPhone search SDK ready for developers to
incorporate into applications that need a search/look-up
functionality. Included in the SDK are also “references” to
incorporate the kannuu GUI (up, down, left, right, and center
navigation) if the developer so chooses.

Eventually kannuu will also have an iPhone contacts application ready
as a proof of concept of how one could use the SDK. Obviously the
contacts application won’t be available to the public until kannuu
gets the okay from Apple. This download will be free and is
compatible in native applications as well as web-based.

The fully built out Contacts App demonstrates the SDK’s ease of use,
becomes the default navigation vehicle with a precisely intuitive
interface that relies on the four-way directional controller (up,
down, left, right and center,) provides abilities to search multiple
fields with in an address book, and presents the user with exact and
correct results in only a matter of clicks.