Users Enjoy Web Development Again

Inspiring Applications, Inc. today announced the release of Yuma, a
development tool that enables BASIC programmers to write web software that
runs on any major server platform. Yuma users can build dynamic web sites
using a readable, object-oriented language similar to VB.NET and REALbasic.
Yuma testers have found it to result in faster, more efficient web
development than the alternatives they had been using, and find the
resulting applications to run very fast too.

Yuma works in conjunction with Apache, a common web server, to provide high
throughput. Inspiring Applications president Brad Weber explains, “Unlike
most other web development solutions, Yuma pages are automatically compiled
all the way to machine code, resulting in very fast performance even in
computation-intensive applications.” Benchmarks on a prime-number algorithm
showed Yuma to be over six times faster than PHP, and nearly 23 times faster
than JavaScript.

The Yuma language sports modern features that make development easier and
less error-prone, such as strong type-checking, classes, class interfaces,
modules, and more. It also includes built-in classes and methods for
technologies commonly needed in web apps, including files, email, regular
expressions, XML, and session handling. Finally, Yuma can connect to several
major database engines: SQLite, PostgreSQL, and MySQL.

Inspiring Applications used an open beta program to get user input about
Yuma over the last few months of development. User response was

Yuma beta tester Jeff Ayling said, “Today I’ve been working with Yuma and
have just finished coding a DB-driven central server to issue unique IDs and
manage our users changing ip addresses. What would have taken a number of
hours over a day or two in JSP (which I used to use) was finished in a
couple of hours! …And wow, it is lightning fast!”

Yuma user Brad Rhine commented, “I’m so freaking excited about Yuma that I
can barely write about it. It’s an HTML preprocessor like PHP, but with
clean syntax. This is good because PHP is nasty. It’s powerful and
ubiquitous, but it looks like someone with a mouthful of punctuation sneezed
all over my screen. Yuma appears to be powerful, flexible, and reasonably
priced. Kudos to Inspiring Applications on this one.”

Kim Kohen, a Yuma beta tester, remarked: “I’ve spent the past week
re-writing several hundred lines of PHP code over to Yuma… It has been a
delight working with a familiar language and I’m finding the PHP code is
often reduced by half in Yuma.”

Dave Wooldridge, an experienced PHP, Perl, and ASP user, had this to say:
“Over the last couple months, I’ve been coding in Yuma and LOVE it! Now that
I can leverage my many years of REALbasic experience with Yuma, I’m actually
really enjoying web programming again!”

The Yuma Enterprise Server runs on Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux, and
requires a web server (such as Apache) configured to support an
external-module protocol called FastCGI. It costs $149 per server license.
The Yuma Development Server also runs on Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux. It is
free and includes a built-in web server in a double-clickable application on
all three platforms. It is extremely easy to configure and includes many
handy development and debugging features like HTML syntax validation. Both
are available at www.YumaDev.com

About Inspiring Applications Inc:

Inspiring Applications, Inc. is a Colorado-based software engineering firm
with offices in Broomfield and Fort Collins, founded in 2007 to build unique
solutions for its customers and clients.