TeamViewer rewards home users with free desktop sharing solution

TeamViewer offers their full version, remote control and file transfer
software free, for non-commercial use

Uhingen, Germany, July 16th 2008 — TeamViewer GmbH, a leading provider of
solutions for online communication and collaboration, offers the full
version of their remote control solution, free of charge for non-commercial
use. The complete list of TeamViewer features and functions, including file
transfer and cross-platform support, are now available to facilitate
information sharing in a non-business environment.

Home computers are now a cornerstone of everyday life, and people are
dependent on information technology. The increased rate of mobility creates
a heightened need for remote computer access, to source digital information
from remote locations. TeamViewer software answers this need, providing
individual users with a free, user-friendly application enabling
information transfer between two computers located anywhere in the world.

TeamViewer solutions are uniquely designed to work quickly and effectively,
using the Internet to establish a secure connection between computers.
TeamViewer operates with an instant start platform — no installation is
necessary. Launching TeamViewer generates a unique ID code which is then
communicated to the user with a telephone or email invitation. Entering
this code establishes an immediate connection to the corresponding computer.

The free, non-commercial version includes the complete list of TeamViewer
features and functions allowing individuals to select the appropriate
application to meet their immediate needs.

Remote support enables an individual to take control of a computer in a
distant location. Ideal for troubleshooting, users can allow an experienced
individual to take over their computer and work out an issue without having
an IT expert on site.

File transfer between computers is easy, permitting straightforward,
effortless information sharing. Files and folders can be copied to and from
a remote partner, even behind firewalls.

Presentation software allows home-users to show key images and ideas, such
as vacation and wedding slideshows, to individuals located anywhere in the

“At TeamViewer, we are thrilled to provide our home-users with such a
complete, accessible solution,” shares Dr Tilo Rossmanith, Founder and
Director of TeamViewer GmbH. “Whether people on the move need information,
or home users simply want to share their photos and files, desktop sharing
solutions transform a home computer into a collaboration tool,” finishes

All TeamViewer software features cross-platform support, and is fully
operational on both Windows and Mac systems. TeamViewer solutions are
constantly updated to guarantee fast internal performance.

To ensure the highest possible security, TeamViewer data traffic is
encrypted using private/public key exchange and AES 256-bit session
encoding. TeamViewer works behind firewalls, enabling information sharing
without compromising computer security.


TeamViewer is available immediately and can be downloaded at

In addition to the free, non-commercial version, three different license
options are available for commercial use, allowing businesses to select the
software suite which best suits their needs.

About TeamViewer GmbH

TeamViewer GmbH, founded in 2005, is fully focused on the development and
distribution of high-end solutions for online communication and
collaboration. Available in eight languages, TeamViewer boasts more than
10,000,000 installations in over 50 countries. TeamViewer GmbH is privately
held and has been profitable from the first day of operations.

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