Telestream FlipFactory Drives Down Price of HD Encoding

Faster-than-real-time HD-to-HD encoding on a single server plus many more
new features now available in FlipFactory 6.1

Nevada City, Calif., July 1, 2008 — Telestream today announced
availability of version 6.1 software release for its flagship FlipFactory
transcoding workflow automation product line. Significant codec
optimization in FlipFactory now makes it possible for users to achieve high
definition (HD) encoding speeds that were previously only attainable using
multiple servers. FlipFactory 6.1 delivers HD-to-HD transcoding speeds up
to 15 percent faster than real-time on a single server for
edit-to-broadcast workflows, including popular DNxHD and DVCPRO HD formats.
The ability to achieve these speeds on a single server means substantially
lower costs for users.

In addition to lightning fast speeds and rock-solid reliability,
FlipFactory 6.1 adds comprehensive support for all broadcast HD workflows,
including VANC metadata associated with HD files. An extensive set of new
features and enhancements are now available in version 6.1, keeping it at
the forefront of industry needs.

“We appreciate that Telestream continues to lead the way in providing
essential file exchange between the many professional video formats and
devices in the marketplace today with FlipFactory 6.1,” said Kevin Froning,
Executive Director of Engineering at GDMX. “Telestream has stepped up to
the plate to resolve these issues in an elegant and sophisticated way.”

FlipFactory’s FactoryArray option extends the power of FlipFactory from a
single server to an array of servers working together to process jobs in
the most efficient and secure manner possible. Version 6.1 adds intelligent
job routing and queuing to FactoryArray. This feature provides greater
control by allowing users to configure and dedicate servers to specialized
tasks and specify high-priority processing. Distributed control across
servers ensures no single point of failure will ever bring the system down
for ultimate system reliability.

FlipScan, a FlipFactory option that automatically scans and analyzes
uploaded source video, audio and metadata, including user-generated content
is now available. FlipScan validates and processes uploaded content
according to workflow rules defined by users to meet nearly any workflow
requirement, including formats, screen size, bit rate, aspect ratio and

Version 6.1 adds the ability to transcode media files while they are being
ingested into FlipFactory from Telestream’s Pipeline network video capture
device. Transcoding begins immediately during media capture which speeds
workflow throughput. Pipeline also preserves important metadata throughout
the transcoding process.

Keeping up with the latest technology, FlipFactory 6.1 adds support for
Microsoft’s SQL Server 2005 database application as well as the new Flash 9
format. A new IPTV encoder provides full encode support for IPTV and VOD
files for distribution plus use with a wide variety of set-top boxes.

Automated file monitoring, delivery and notification support for a greater
number of broadcast and professional systems have been added in version
6.1. All FlipFactory products now include integration with Akamai’s Media
Delivery and Stream OS solutions. This includes direct monitoring of Akamai
servers plus creation and delivery of Akamai-formatted media and metadata
to Akamai’s Stream OS archive.

FlipFactory TrafficManager adds monitoring of On The Spot Media’s EZSpot
delivery software in version 6.1. Support for this new catch server enables
broadcasters to automatically monitor and ingest content directly into
FlipFactory from On The Spot Media servers.

FlipFactory NewsManager adds support for monitoring and transcoding of
content delivered by two major US news services. A new monitor for CBS
NewsPath Now VOD server, powered by Generation Technologies, is now
available for CBS affiliates and subscribers. A new monitor for FOX iPump
service is now available for FOX affiliates.

From edge servers to playout servers, FlipFactory automates ingest,
transcoding and exchange of all SD and HD media, including news,
syndication content, commercials and metadata — faster than any other
product on the market.

These and many more new features and enhancements are now available as a
free upgrade to existing users with valid maintenance agreements.
FlipFactory 6.1 is available for purchase through Telestream’s worldwide
direct sales and distribution channels. More information is available at

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