Mark/Space Launches Windows Version of
The Missing Sync for iPhone

The Missing Sync for iPhone offers an easy to use data migration tool
to those switching to Apple iPhone, and data archival features not
available in iTunes.

LOS GATOS, Calif. — June 25th, 2008 — Mark/Space, Inc. today announced
immediate availability of a Windows version of their data transfer
software, The Missing Sync for iPhone. Now PC users have access to powerful
migration tools, to help ease the process of switching from a smartphone to
the iPhone and iPhone 3G. And, current iPhone owners will benefit from the
capability to archive SMS messages, call log and notes to their PC.

Mark/Space has offered award-winning software products to Mac users for
many years. The Missing Sync for iPhone is just the first of many
Mark/Space products planned for the PC, bringing the same reliable, easy to
use data management and synchronization capabilities to Windows users.

Brian Hall, Mark/Space CEO, said “At Mark/Space, we create products that
enable our customers to easily take their information and data with them.
When we released the Mac version of The Missing Sync for iPhone earlier
this year it helped make the transition from a smartphone to iPhone very
easy for people. We’re happy to bring The Missing Sync for iPhone to the
Windows platform. When iPhone 3G ships next month, both Mac and Windows
users can be ready to transfer their contacts and calendar information.”

The Missing Sync for iPhone supports migration from most BlackBerry,
Windows Mobile, and Palm OS devices, and devices from Nokia, Sony Ericsson
and Motorola that use the Symbian OS. The Migration Assistant is a
step-by-step utility that makes transferring contacts and calendars a
simple task. If you use Outlook 2003 or 2007, Missing Sync will make
switching a breeze. Even if users never synchronized with their PCs before,
The Missing Sync for iPhone makes it easy to pull the data from the old
phone and load the information onto an iPhone.

The Missing Sync for iPhone collects and archives all the iPhone SMS
messages, giving you a safe backup, no matter how prolific a texter you
are. It also lets users view SMS messages in a threaded view, just like on
the iPhone, and you can easily search the archived messages. When you view
a message, the whole history of that conversation with that person is

iPhone keeps a log of all incoming, outgoing and missed calls. The Missing
Sync for iPhone archives the log to your PC, which is great for business
users that need to keep track of costs. Need to claim expenses for that
hour-long business call to Paraguay? No problem, just check the call log.
You can even add notes to the call log, so you remember the details for
future reference.

The Notes application on the iPhone is a useful scratch pad for ideas,
plans and to-do lists. But often those notes are more useful elsewhere,
perhaps in other documents you have on your PC. The Missing Sync for iPhone
will transfer those notes to your computer, so they can be read in
Mark/Space Notebook, which comes as part of the package. Then, copy the
notes from Notebook for use in other applications.

The Missing Sync for iPhone is available as an electronic download from the
Mark/Space online store for $39.95.

The Windows version of The Missing Sync for iPhone requires a PC running
Windows XP or Windows Vista. To use the Migration Assistant, Microsoft
Outlook 2003 or 2007 is required. An Internet connection may be required to
download software for the data migration process.

To purchase or learn more about The Missing Sync for iPhone, visit

Founded in 1990, Mark/Space, Inc.,, develops and markets
mobile and wireless software, including SyncTogether and the award-winning
Missing Sync products that connect Mac and Windows computers to mobile
devices and smartphones from Apple, HP, HTC, i-mate, Motorola, Nokia, Palm,
RIM, Samsung, Sony, Sony Ericsson, and others.