GoldKey USB Security Token / Encryption Device

GoldKey is a fingertip-sized device that encrypts hard drives, email
attachments, backups and even all your flash drives. It uses strong 256-bit
AES for all the encryption. Two factors of authentication are required to
access data that has been encrypted by a GoldKey — the GoldKey in a USB
port (something you have), and your PIN (something you know). A GoldKey can
run stand-alone, or can be managed by a Master Key. GoldKey uses a patented
technique to allow Master and Grand Master keys to unlock all of their
registered users’ data without an additional appliance.

The device itself is made out stainless steel for durability. On-line
videos show it being run over by a car, burned in a fire and even run

Supports Windows and Mac OS X. Available Now, $132 List. See: