Jun 22, 2008 — SwingAcademy.com (http://www.swingacademy.com) is the
recognized leader in online golf swing analysis software.

Until recently, Mac users were left out of the golf swing analysis market
because all desktop-based application providers decided to focus entirely
on the Windows platform.

There are numerous posts in various forums from disappointed Mac users who
are looking for analysis software that they can use on their systems.

SwingAcademy recognized that this market was being ignored and set out to
create a powerful and user-friendly suite of tools that is platform

So at long last, Mac users can now video-tape their golf swings and analyze
them on their own computers.

Our software suite includes:

Self-Analysis – Analyze your own swing
Side-By-Side Analysis – Compare any two swings in our extensive library
Distance Learning – Analyze someone else’s swing or have someone analyze yours
Discussion Boards – Chat with other members about the game

We invite all MAC & PC users alike to visit (http://www.swingacademy.com/)
and see for yourself why thousands of golfers have already made
SwingAcademy their golf analysis headquarters.

SwingAcademy.com – for students of the game

SwingAcademy.com is an online community for golfers where they can post
videos of their swing for self-analysis or for analysis by any of our
members. We provide powerful free golf swing analysis software.