Momail first to launch support for the new iPhone and Samsung Omnia

Momail is ready for the new “supermobiles” from Apple and Samsung launched
June 9th. Total number of devices supported for its mobile email service
has now surpassed 1100 different models, making Momail the outstanding
leader in device support for mobile email.

Stockholm, June 12, 2008. Momail is again first to offer support for the
latest, and long awaited, mobile devices, this time from Apple and Samsung.
As the handset specifications were officially released after the companies’
respective launches on June 9th, Momail can confirm support for the new
iPhone 3G and the Omnia.

“These devices will sell large volumes and their specifications makes them
very suitable for consumer mobile email and Momail. Our server based
solution gives us the possibility to add support for new devices very fast
and today we support over 80 percent of devices shipped. So, with Momail,
iPhone and Omnia users will soon be able to enjoy the world’s smallest,
smartest and most cost-effective mobile email, says Roger Grönberg, CEO of

Momail mobile email on iPhone and Omnia;

* Ease of use – Momail is very easy to start and to use, and there is no
need for special client software or downloads. All email and data settings
are automatically configured by Momail.

* Fast and data efficient – Momail’s patented MMOPE-technology (Mobile
Message Optimization & Protection Engine) optimizes all emails, including
attachments, per mobile model saving up to 99,9% of the data sent to the
mobile device.

* No tolerance of spam – Included in the service is world class mobile spam
and virus protection (IronPort).

* Your mobile postman – With Momail, all emails can be collected and read
from one inbox on the mobile phone (Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo! Mail, etc.).
This feature provides consumers with simple control and easy handling of
their email accounts.

More “super mobiles” to come
Momail have already launched support for a number of other “super mobiles”
which will soon be on the market, including the HTC Touch Diamond, LG
Secret, Nokia N96 and Sony Ericsson Xperia X1.

About Momail
Momail is focused on offering a free and global e-mail service for mobile
devices. Through patent pending in-house developed technology, Momail makes
a reality of optimal mobile communication for all mobile devices. Via a
growing network of partners offering mobile services based on Momail’s
products and technology, Momail’s vision is for mobile email communication
to be synonymous with – Momail. To learn more visit