Fieldname in the original database,
usage type and formatting. These custom properties are designed to aid
developers writing custom data entry validation and screen refresh code.

* Template File Support – By default, FmPro Migrator Developer Edition uses
a standard internally-stored template for the Revolution stack file which
it creates. However, a developer can substitute their own stack and FmPro
Migrator Developer Edition will use the supplied stack as the conversion
target. This means that Revolution developers can start with an existing
stack containing their own customized handlers, cards and objects.

* WebViewer to revBrowser Conversion – Each FileMaker Pro WebViewer object
on a layout is converted into the equivalent Revolution revBrowser object,
in the same location and size. revBrowser control buttons containing
embedded scripting are created within the revBrowser object to enable the
user to Go to a URL, navigate via Previous and Next buttons, Refresh the
web page and Stop the browser. A URL field is also provided with the URL
calculation formula from the original FileMaker Pro WebViewer object.

* Batch Layout Capture Feature – The standard method for importing
FileMaker layouts into FmPro Migrator Developer Edition is to manually copy
and paste each FileMaker Pro layout on the Layouts tab. An automated batch
capture feature is also available for developers who are using FileMaker
Pro Advanced and QuicKeys/WinAutomation software. The batch capture mode
uses info from a DDR XML file to automatically capture dozens or even
hundreds of layouts at a time, placing the captured layout info into the
embedded SQLite database file used by FmPro Migrator Developer Edition.

Existing FmPro Migrator Developer Edition customers may upgrade to FmPro
Migrator Developer Edition 4.25 at no charge. The single-user licensing
includes a copy of FmPro Migrator Developer Edition for both Mac OS X
(Universal Binary) and Windows platforms. FmPro Migrator customers may
upgrade to FmPro Migrator Developer Edition for $100.

A functional demo version of FmPro Migrator and sample converted Revolution
stack files may be downloaded from

For more info please see:

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