Industry First – EditShare creates one file for use in both Avid and Final
Cut systems

Boston, MA — June 11, 2008 – EditShare the technology leader in cross
platform collaborative editing and shared media storage systems has
introduced new technology that creates a single media file which can be
used in both Avid and Final Cut Pro editing environments. The Universal
Media File technology works in conjunction with EditShare’s Flow Ingest,
the only multi-channel acquisition solution that captures in one format and
simultaneously outputs to multiple formats.

The Universal Media File adds a new dimension to shared workflow
situations, allowing media to easily be shared and used by editors working
on both Avid and Final Cut Pro systems. There’s no need to tie-up ingest
channels or create multiple files of the same media for use on different

“The user has a choice of codecs and you can capture a single file and open
that same file in both Avid and Final Cut Pro,” explains Andy Liebman,
President and founder of EditShare. “It’s really a first and the user
doesn’t have to do anything complex. In the interface to our ingest server
you just select the universal file for that codec and it’s done. The data
remains pristine; none of the file data is compromised. This offers a great
advantage and time-savings to any operation that wants the flexibility to
work in a mixed editing environment.”

Files produced in DV25, DV50, DVCPRO HD can be ingested as universal media
files in EditShare. Additional formats such as IMX will be included in the

Complete Collaboration – EditShare Flow
The Universal Media File technology is included with EditShare Flow, part
of the company’s Complete Collaboration product line that provide a unified
workflow solution for ingest, logging and browsing without requiring an
Avid or Final Cut workstation. EditShare Flow Ingest enables media capture
in one format with simultaneous outputs to multiple formats including Apple
Pro Res, and Avid, MXF, as well as low proxy formats. Feature highlights
include multi-channel ingest with independent control over each channel,
full metadata capture, and edit-while-recording capabilities. Users can
automate ingest, control ingest remotely or initiate it manually.

EditShare Flow Browse simplifies and accelerates media searches within the
EditShare storage environment. Users can quickly locate media among
hundreds of thousands of clips. EditShare Flow Browse supports proxy
viewing outside the nonlinear editing application for optimal viewing on
the EditShare Media Space, annotation of metadata forms, and the ability to
drag and drop media into an Avid or Final Cut Pro bin.

About EditShare LLC
EditShare LLC is the pioneer of a new category of collaborative editing
solutions designed for digital media workgroups and production companies.
The EditShare system fuels the collaborative creative process for digital
media artists by delivering high quality high performance and cost
effective networked collaborative editing solutions. For more information,
please visit www.editshare.com