I would like to take this opportunity to inform all MacMinute readers of the imminent changes to the site. This is our final update. To serve the community’s news needs, MacMinute will now redirect to a page that gives you an option of two news sources: MacTech’s
Community News Scan
and Macsimum
. You can view the redirect page for more information. Though MacMinute is not able to continue, we do not want the archives to be lost. So, MacMinute’s archives will ultimately be housed by MacTech Magazine, and the MacMinute Café will continue to be hosted by MacTech as well (and for now at least, you’ll continue to use the same URLs). We would like to thank each one for their well wishes, suggestions, and assistance during these most difficult times. We are confident that MacTech and Macsimum News will meet your needs and trust they will help to carry on Stan’s legacy in some way. More importantly, I feel that Stan is looking down upon us with his blessing. Stan, thank-you for all you have given us—we love you! Special thanks to Neil Ticktin and Dennis Sellers for working tirelessly to make this happen. Again, thank-you all for your kind support. We appreciate it!

On behalf of the Flack family,

Julie (Flack) McKenna