New Take Control ebook about .Mac helps readers get the most out of a
.Mac membership, provides only current book-length .Mac documentation

Ithaca, NY USA (May 30, 2008) — Apple’s .Mac online service offers
subscribers a powerful collection of features, but they can be
challenging to discover and use effectively, since Apple doesn’t
provide thorough documentation. However, in the new, 193-page second
edition of “Take Control of .Mac,” Macintosh expert Joe Kissell
explains all of .Mac’s features, from the basics of email
accounts to .Mac’s advanced group collaboration features, all with a
focus on changes brought about by Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard and iLife
’08. This title is unique in offering current, book-length coverage
of .Mac, and it may be purchased for $15 at

Along with covering commonly known options like email addresses and
iDisk online storage, “Take Control of .Mac” looks at .Mac’s other
notable features: Groups lets readers set up mailing lists and
members-only Web sites; .Mac Sync helps coordinate bookmarks,
calendars, contacts, keychains, and more among multiple Macs; Mail
provides a webmail client available from anywhere; and HomePage helps
novices make a simple Web site. .Mac also integrates with the whizzy
new photo/movie Web Galleries in iLife ’08 and Aperture 2,
facilitates iCal-based calendar sharing, and serves as a default host
for Web sites created with iWeb.

The ebook answers questions like these:

* What changed with .Mac’s capabilities in Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard?
* How do I use my .Mac email address in my email program on my Mac?
* Should I use Backup to make backups to .Mac, along with Time Machine?
* How do I access my iDisk from Windows XP and Vista?
* Can I run a private mailing list via .Mac Groups?
* How do I add movies and photos to my Web Gallery?
* How do I use .Mac to sync my bookmarks and calendar between Macs?
* What’s the difference between creating Web sites with iWeb and HomePage?
* How can I configure my AirPort Extreme so it will work with Back to My Mac?

“Anyone who is paying Apple $100 per year for .Mac can get more for
their money by reading ‘Take Control of .Mac, Second Edition,'” said
Tonya Engst, Take Control editor in chief. “The service has tons of
features that most people never notice or figure out out how use, and
Joe Kissell has done a great job in providing the documentation Apple

Book Details
“Take Control of .Mac,” by Joe Kissell
PDF format, 193 pages, free sample available
Publication date: May 29, 2008
Price: $15 (PDF)
ISBN: 1-933671-08-4

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