Austin, TX, May 22, 2008 — The Association of REALbasic Professionals was
formed at the REAL World developer conference in Austin, TX, in March, 2008.

The Association of REALbasic Professionals, or ARBP, is an independent
organization whose purpose is to unify the profession by providing
continuing professional and educational development and contribute to the
community’s well being by acting on behalf of its members.

ARBP began as a discussion on the weblogs of several prominent REALbasic
developers, including Bob Keeney of BKeeney Software and Norman Palardy of
Great White Software. When it became clear that there was momentum behind
the idea, Keeney called for a meeting at the REAL World 2008 developer

At the meeting, it was determined that ARBP should be formed and its bylaws
adopted. Following nominations for members of the board of directors, those
present elected to the board Keeney, Palardy, Marc Zeedar of REALbasic
Developer Magazine, Paul Lefebvre of LogicalVue Software, and Brad Rhine of
the Elizabethtown Area School District. Due to REAL Software’s subsequent
hiring of Norman Palardy, he has stepped down from his position on the
board, and has been replaced by Dr. Scott Steinman of the Southern College
of Optometry.

ARBP aims to launch several initiatives in the coming months, including an
extensive membership campaign and members-only discounts on REALbasic
products and services, as well as access to exclusive product marketing
resources and business opportunities.

ARBP’s website can be found at